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 The Women’s Health Clinic is an integral part of Primary Healthcare and has become synonymous with women’s health.
Essentially the clinic is nurse – led under the direction of a medical director and liaises with:   

General Practitioners                                                                                                       Hospitals                                                                                                                     Laboratories, Xray and other Departments, Public Health Nurses, Social workers, Counsellors and other health professionals.                     

The following services are very patient centred and are available to everyone:
Female Health Screening                                                                                                         Well-woman examinations include Screening for :                                                        Female Cancers                                                                                                                       Diabetes                                                                                                                             Heart Disease (Cholesterol, Blood pressure , Diet /Exercise )                                         Osteoporosis  - Prevention and treatment                                                                       

Cervical Screening (Smear test)                                                                                                The clinic is contracted to The National Cancer Screening Service                                     

Breast Examination- (instruction on self-examination)                                                     

Pregnancy                                                                                                                       Pregnancy tests, Pre-conceptive care Infertility Support (Referral /Follow-up) Pregnancy counselling                                                                                                                                The clinic liaises with CURA as well as the Crisis Pregnancy Agency which formulates and implements a National Strategy on Crisis Pregnancy.                                                                   

A Comprehensive Family Planning Service                                                                   Include all methods of medical,  natural & non-medical and emergency contraception.                                                                                                                          Medical family planning clinics are conducted by medical personnel who specialise in this area. Counselling & advice is available if necessary prior to appointment for medical clinic.                 The clinic is an approved Family Planning Training Centre for Doctors and Nurses                        

Menopausal Medical Clinic Services include                                                               Advice, Counsel, Therapy and Well woman check.                                                              

Gynaecological services                                                                                                        Pre and Postoperative advice and counselling for women in relation to surgical procedures e.g. Hysterectomy, Mastectomy.                                                                                               Medical consultation concerning Gynaecological related problems e.g. Ovulation/Menstruation, Infectious/Inflammatory GU conditions. Referral to STI clinic if appropriate.



Women's Health Clinic