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Services Available

Pregnancy tests

Pre-conceptive health check

Liaison with Maternity Hospitals

Infertility Referral forInvestigations & Support

Postnatal Services - Post natal examination  &                                  Family Planning advice.      

Antenatal & Postnatal classes/ Breast Feeding Support 

Crisis Pregnancy                                                      

Non Directive Counselling Services    

Liaison with Parent Support Programme                                         

The clinic also liaises with CURA as well as the Crisis Pregnancy Agency which formulates and implements a National Strategy on Crisis Pregnancy.

Post Termination health services & support

Emergency Contraception                                        Morning after pill

Antenatal Classes                                     

A six-week course of antenatal classes are held weekly.                                                                         This is a very comprehensive preparation course for childbirth for expectant mums and dads.                          The format includes:          


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